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One of the main reasons that caused the high number of casualties and damages during disaster was the delay in delivering emergency and relief aids to the most badly-hit areas. The delay is a result of a lack of information system that allows relief agencies to map and prioritize aid delivery. Thus, the existence of disaster information system is imperative, so that the government, Red Cross, and relief agencies can respond as soon as possible to the victims of disaster and provide them with sufficient aids within hours.

The system is using mobile phone application (currently under development in Android, BB10, iOS) as disaster information hub. In order to be effective, the number of community volunteers using the application must be around 10% of total population. When disaster happens, these volunteers send information through the application to the data center by choosing one of the options that best reflect their current condition.

The submitted data is then aggregated and visualized into maps, which will indicate the location of casualties and damages in red, yellow or green dots. This way, the affected areas can be clearly identified and measured, allowing relief agencies to make priorities for aid deliveries based on urgency.

The system can be used not only for earthquake but also for tsunami, flood, volcano eruption, and swine flu. In addition, the data center may also send information to the users through this application, such as information on what to do, where to go, emergency contacts, etc. The application can also be used provide information such as news and correspondence during disaster.


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Multi platform - Android, Blackberry, iOS.


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